by Tobias Grötsch
As a consultant for industry & technology I could not miss the Industrienacht Basel. As a former plant engineer and welding specialist, the Basel Industrienacht Basel 2022 was of course an absolutely important and exciting event that opened up new perspectives on the fascinating working worlds of industry & the Basel region.

When does anyone ever have the opportunity to have a total of 44 companies from the technical-crafts sector open their doors and put their industrial and production halls on display. From carpentry to robotics, the companies gave a deeper technical insight into the manufacture of their products and services, whereby I naturally focused my attention on plant and apparatus engineering, and visited the corresponding companies.

For me, who deals with industry and technology on a daily basis, it was an excellent event to gain a better understanding of the demands placed on the production of machines and, not least, on the specialist personnel required. Of course, the topic of the shortage of skilled workers in the secondary sector was also omnipresent.

  • What were your impressions of the Industry Night?
  • What did you like best?
  • Or did you expect more?

I am looking forward to your impressions and reports.
For me, one thing is for sure, Industrienacht – definitely an impressive event to meet again in 2023.

Your Tobi

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