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In times of continuous change and permanent challenges the need to focus on core competences gets more and more critical. But at the same time, corporates or company owners cannot disregard the day to day administrative or supportive work the business requires.

Therefore, Persaga has initiated a new service line offering VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS.

With the approach that you “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” we want to flexibly respond to your individual demands.  Our Virtual Employees and Assistants are experts in their dedicated business area. Their level of specialization enables them to quickly understand your individual needs as well as to provide best-in-class solutions.

The new Service Line has two focus groups offering to either subject-specific Virtual Employees or topic-specific Virtual Assistants.

Our Virtual Employees area of expertise ranges from Communications & Marketing, Office & Project Management to Social Media Management as our Virtual Assistants are offering typical Executive or Team Assistant support such as Calendar Management, Travel Management, Managing of email correspondence as well as all Admin tasks.

All of our Virtual workers are skilled professionals with the relevant experience level – from Junior to Executive – and are critically evaluated by our internal team of specialists. Our Virtual Solutions will help you with your work, without being present in the office.  No need for Office Equipment and desk.

Virtual Employee:

  • Communication & Marketing

  • Office& Projectmanagement

  • Social Media Management

Virtual Assistant:

  • Office Management

  • Travel Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Expense Controll

  • Project – & Eventmanagement

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