Angelo Romano


Angelo Romano joined Persaga AG as of August 2019 and in his function as

Intern Recruitment Support

will be responsible for the candidate resourcing, as well as for publication of job advertisements, data maintenance of applications and initial clarifications of customers.

Angelo is Italian, born in Switzerland. From the age of 3 until the age of 14 he pursued his hobby of swimming, but unfortunately had to give it up because the school became more and more challenging and left no time for leisure activities.

After he completed the compulsory school time, Angelo first moved in the direction of health. He stayed there for 1.5 years before he decided to dedicate his life to communication, business and languages.

In 2016, Angelo started a communications and media school while working for a fast food chain, gaining his first professional experience.

Within the framework of this school, he completes an internship in order to obtain his technical baccalaureate.

Angelo’s professional interests include languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), business and social media.