Persaga und Leben in Basel - Regional und doch Global

Living in the Basel region – regional and yet global Living in Basel or the Basel region is more than just average – it is worthwhile. According to Mercer’s ranking list, Basel is not only one of the ten cities with the highest quality of life in the world but has also recently claimed itself as […]

Persaga _Dorfaktuell _ Publireportage _SpezialisiertePersonalberatung

Persaga with an article at Dorfaktuell Persaga – “Specialist Recruitment Boutique” With its various regional editions, the Dorfaktuell wants to capture and reflect the “we”-feeling of the village communities. And in keeping with our “local passion and regional presence”, we are delighted that we have been taken into account in the January 2018 issue of […]

Digital Natives looking for a job – what companies need to adjust to Generation Y, Millennials or post-baby boomers… there are many terms for the younger generation – the so-called Digital Natives. The impact of technology and the new media naturally also has an impact on career choice and on the Millennials behaviour when searching […]