Olivia Cugini leaves Persaga Unexpected things happen too often. Instead of working as a consultant after her internship at Persaga AG has expired, Olivia Cugini is moving on unplanned. She returns to her roots. Both privately and professionally. After moving to Basel, back to her home city, she will take up a new position at […]

The annual employer forum organised by the AWA at Schloss Lenzburg on 29 May 2018 will deal with the topics “Obligation to register a job – cooperation with the RAV” and “Career – luck, chance or plan? Mr. Buchmann, Head of Department for economy and labour, once again pointed out the regulations of the implemented […]

Persaga und Leben in Basel - Regional und doch Global

Living in the Basel region – regional and yet global Living in Basel or the Basel region is more than just average – it is worthwhile. According to Mercer’s ranking list, Basel is not only one of the ten cities with the highest quality of life in the world but has also recently claimed itself as […]