Persaga und Leben in Basel - Regional und doch Global

Living in the Basel region – regional and yet global

Living in Basel or the Basel region is more than just average – it is worthwhile. According to Mercer’s ranking list, Basel is not only one of the ten cities with the highest quality of life in the world but has also recently claimed itself as a “pocket-size metropolis”.

In terms of quality of life, foreign employees have given the city of Basel excellent marks. Among the 231 major cities, Basel and Sydney ranked tenth in the “Quality of Living City Rankings“.

Recently, Basel’s location marketing has also started advertising a new trailer for the city and region of Basel. The focus should be on the “extraordinarily high quality of life and cultural diversity as well as the unique density of top-class companies and institutions”. In addition, the new image film aims to illustrate “on the basis of concrete everyday situations the high quality of life, good accessibility and extraordinary density of successful companies, events and cultural offerings” .

Even though the index ranked in Zurich and Geneva two Swiss cities ahead of Basel, it shows that working and living in the Basel region is more than worthwhile.

Persaga is like living in the Basel region – regional and yet global

We at Persaga AG are therefore pleased to have the best access to the economic triangle of Basel – Zurich – Bern through our location in Rheinfelden. Thanks to our local presence, we not only have access to regional clients and candidates, but through our tools and expert groups we have worldwide access to specialists, managers and executives. And therefore, working with Persaga is like living in the Basel region – regional and yet global!


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