Expert Group Blue Collar

Whether blue collar employees, industrial workers or craftsmen – the employees in the manufacturing plants in industry and craft are an important part of the Swiss economy.

Whether in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, in the food industry, in steel or mechanical engineering or in the traditional trades, the demand for specialists is constantly increasing.

Corporations as well as SMEs need flexible and additional resources in the respective manufacturing or production plants to be able to counteract their (seasonal) order fluctuations.

Thanks to our regional roots, coupled with our many years of expertise and experience, we are able to offer our local and national customers throughout Switzerland a unique access to, among other things, our Expert Group Blue Collar:

  • Blue Collar

  • Craftsmen

  • Unskilled personnel

  • Mechanics

  • Technician

  • Construction

  • Operator

Your success is our success – that’s where we see our mission and added value.

We will be happy to provide you with our resources. Regardless if in contracting, contingency or management search – we are always there for you.

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