The whole Persaga team hopes that in these critical Corona times you are all in good health.

Due to the massive regulations of the federal & state governments we are in the meantime all affected by the topic Corona in some way. Even if there are restrictions in private and professional everyday life, let’s not forget what this crisis is all about – the health of all of us.

Let us therefore use the current situation to stand together as a society, to help each other and to protect those who need our help – sick or elderly people – by following the measures that have been taken. Right now, we all have to learn to be patient and hope that we all come out of the crisis healthy. The current situation is our chance to think a little bit more about topics like humanity, helpfulness and togetherness.

To give a hand - something makes a change in these Corona times
To give a hand – something that can make a change in these times

As an employer of numerous temporary employees, we naturally try everything within our means to ensure that everyone comes out of this period unscathed but above all healthy. For this we also work closely together with our customers to be able to guarantee a halfway reasonable work.

Nevertheless, we would like to appeal to everyone to take the official and internal company instructions seriously and to follow them. Unfortunately, there are more and more fake news (videos, voice messages, etc.) circulating on the net and in social media – so please inform yourself on the official channels and sources.

No matter how hard it is, please respect the “do`s and dont`s” for our daily behavior – private and professional, so we can make a very important contribution for all of us and a general improvement of the situation.
Finally, we would like to express our special thanks to all the doctors, physicians and health workers – they all make an extraordinary contribution in the fight for our health. But we would also like to thank all the others who are making everyday life more “normal” these days: the retail trade, pharmacies, banks, logistics and public transport.

Your Persaga Team

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