The right talent, at the right time!

Today’s business demands agility.  Our flexible Contracting partnership model allows us to be responsive to your unique needs — supporting short-term or long-term contract requirements, providing contract-to-hire talent or project-based support.

The need for short and long term temporary staffing is most of the times immediate, and always requires talent that can perform with minimum orientation training. Therefor selecting that right source for your recruiting needs is vital. Experience, know-how and service capability are critical to understanding your requirements and delivering timely results. Since 1988, our core commitment to recruiting quality talent, based upon professional disciplined screening and candidate evaluation, remains unchanged.

Persaga has the experience and resources to deliver flexible and unique contracting recruitment solutions. We effectively match client needs from entry level to professional and managerial positions. Regardless the industry or area of specialization our recruitment processes and sustained commitment to quality has proven successful with a current focus on:

  1. Industry

    Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Engineering, Operations

  2. Corporate

    Human Resources, IT, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Project Management

  3. Life Science

    Quality Management, Clinical Management, Regulatory Affairs, Audit, Manufacturing

Regardless of title or category, our clients’ needs will be addressed by our experienced consultants who are committed to achieving the goals and delivering the talent they require. Over the past years, Persaga has built a strong track record in delivering excellence in contracting solutions build by our consultants’ expertise enabling them to provide tailored solutions for both – clients and candidates.

Our clients benefits when using our Contracting Solutions:


  • Fast & Flexible

    Contract/Temporary workers are usually needed on the job immediately – due to project need, absences or workload peaks. As client you can make a hiring decision faster as risk is lower than for permanent placement.

  • Functional

    We are responsive to our clients unique needs, providing the best match in-time for the time of the demand.

  • Guarantee

    As client you can plan these contract resources strictly to your needs with short notice periods with additional guarantees we offer.

  • Benefits

    Contract Staffing provides our clients with the flexibility the require driving their business forward, has no FTE impact as well as no impact on Insurance and Social affairs as Contractor is employed by Persaga