Contingency Recruitment


Contingency Recruitment – Non-Exclusive recruiting attracting best-in-class and highly skilled professionals

The demand for highly qualified specialists is an ongoing and well known topic for corporates and the complexity of jobs will even increase the demand for specialization.  Therefore we set our mission in our Contingency recruitment services in aiming at meeting our clients demand by providing best-in-class and highly skilled professionals.

It is one of our core principles to place a high value on long-term relationships and to do all we can to provide an efficient recruiting process. Therefore our team of specialized consultants is closely working with our clients to understand their unique requirements and is very deliberate in matching those individual needs with candidates’ education, skills, experience and career goals.

Based on our more than 30-years of contingency recruitment experience we are comfortable to fill positions from Executive Level to entry or specialist level. Our coverage of markets and skills is continually evolving but currently is focusing on these three main sectors:

  1. Industry

    Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Engineering, Operations

  2. Corporate

    Human Resources, IT, Marketing & Sales, Finance, Project Management

  3. Life Science

    Quality Management, Clinical Management, Regulatory Affairs, Audit, Manufacturing

In their daily routine our consultant experts strive to provide search based level of service at contingency based pricing closely following a search based recruitment process.

  • Job Qualification

    We partner with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of each unique job role. That includes corporate values, target salary range for the position, and required skill set.  This enables our consultants to identify, qualify and attract the best-in-class candidates available.

  • Resources

    Our team of researchers and recruiters is set to directly recruit the best candidates available.  By doing so we are following our search methodology that is based on pro-actively identify the best fitted candidates.

  • Interview

    At Persaga we use interview techniques that enable us to evaluate job candidates and determine if they truly match our clients’ unique requirements. So we assess their reasons for leaving the current position. As well as the motivation for change and their thoughts of their next career goals. We also check references upon request for all candidates.

  • Offer

    Our experience has shown us that it is a critical stage and therefore we closely work with our clients to ensure that there no surprises when the job offer is made.  This includes that we would verbally offer the job to the successful candidate ensuring the candidate wants to take the role and accept the offer.

  • Boarding

    We truly feel that staying in touch with placed employees is beneficial to all parties as it supports a smooth transition into the new work environment.

Our clients can rely that our daily efforts offer:

  • Access to best-in-class professionals
  • Reduced recruiting time to fill a role
  • A satisfying negotiation process
  • to free-up client resources to focus on core business