Hammer Series

Hammer Series – Mandate as Technical Director

Launched in 2017, the Hammer Series is a new, modern cycling concept. This was developed by the clients Infront Sports & Media AG and Velon Ltd. with significant influence from Olivier Senn in the sporting and technical areas. The first works included the development of the racing format, the preparation of the corresponding regulations, the communication and negotiations with the International Federation UCI and the participating cycling teams of the “Velon” team association. At the same time, the evaluation of potential venues, the on-site analyses of the race courses, the preparation of corresponding plans and procedures, discussions with the local organisers and the authorities concerned began. In addition, a new TV concept was developed which is very close to the racing riders, which required close cooperation between the sports planning and TV production.

In June 2017 the first event, the “Hammer Sportzone Limburg” took place in the Netherlands. One of the main tasks during the event was to implement and ensure safety in accordance with the concept. Also, the analysis of the event and the corresponding concept adjustments for the following season.

Two events, the “Hammer Limburg” and the “Hammer Stavanger”, have already been successfully implemented in 2018. In addition to technical planning and implementation, Olivier Senn will also be responsible for the race control for the season finale in Hong Kong in October 2018.



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Customer: Infront Sports & Media AG, Zug und Velon Ltd, London