Persaga`s Managing Director Malte Commandeur has been invited by RTV Basel to host a presentation in course of their RTV membership club.

RTV Basel is one of ten teams in Swiss National Handball league and Persaga tried to relate the presentation to Handball. So Malte Commandeur presented the 25 guests at Parkrestaurant Lange Erlen the topic:

A powerful handball defense is the basis for success  Why a recruitment company should be the defense specialists for your business success

It became quite clear that there sports and business do have in general a lot in common, and in specific, that a recruitment firm should be a reliable and important partner for the enterprises. Obviously most of the guests have already made experiences with staffing firms but were however surprised about the various range of individual or total range of services a client could or should make use of.

Primarily it concerned to point out the different possibilities and co-operation with a recruitment company to the members of the RTV Membership club – from exclusive search mandate, over staffing/contracting business up to project management – always “against” a specific handball defense strategy. Finally it was pointed out that companies should not only put trust to the recruitment company but to entirely involve them in the strategy.

Since we state again and again that companies hesitate to “open their books” it heavily impacts our highest goal to act “as extended arm of our customers”. Therefore we comsult our customers or any company to generally equip the recruitment firm with the most necessary information. Finances are stated to the trustee without any consideration, but the salary ranges are not hardly been communicated to the staffing firm. As a service provider we aim to gain value and allow our clients to focus on their core business. Therefore the rule should be: The more information you will provide to your recruitment partner the more valuable he will be for you and your business.

Finally we want to thank RTV Basel for having us at this event and to invite us to held the presentation.

See the complete presentation below:

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