Our Region Rheinfelden

Rheinfelden is the oldest town in the canton of Aargau and the oldest Zähringerstadt in Switzerland and has a lot to offer.

Rheinfelden is located at the highest point of the navigable Rhine. The city currently has around 13,500 inhabitants and fascinates with the medieval charm of the car-free old town. The city gained international fame for its saltwater baths. Today the Zähringerstadt is a popular and well-known meeting place for health and wellness. The city is also popular as a business location and also the home to Switzerland’s “most beautiful castle” – the production site of the Feldschlösschen brewery.

Excellent traffic situation

Due to the excellent traffic situation, Rheinfelden with its direct motorway access, as well as the good accessibility to public transport and the proximity to Germany, is interesting for both companies and residents. It takes only 15 minutes by car and train to Basel and just under 45 minutes to Zurich – in less than an hour by train to Zurich’s main railway station (HBF). This is another reason why the Persaga team deliberately chose this location.

In 2016, Rheinfelden got awarded with the Wakkerpreis, thanks to which the beautiful video was created: