Client Recommendations


Persaga played an instrumental role in helping me make the next leap in my career. They helped me find the very first step in the pharmaceutical industry. The entire Persaga team worked with me to make sure that the position was the right choice for me. I especially appreciated the continuous support, fast response, transparent communication, and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner. Huge thanks to the Persaga team.

Pharma Manufacturer - Contractor | Pharma QA


Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate what you did to get me in here.

Biotech Company - Contractor | Project Support


Ich danke dem gesamten Team der Persaga AG in Rheinfelden für die gute Zusammenarbeit und die umfangreiche Betreuung. Danke eurem Einsatz und der temporäre Anstellung habe ich diese Festanstellung beim Kunden bekommen. Ohne Persaga wäre dies nie möglich gewesen.

Life Science Company - Contractor | Business Management Support


As a former temporary employee, I got to know Persaga AG and its employees as absolutely courteous, competent and committed. Due to the high service orientation I experienced at Persaga AG, any questions or concerns on my part were immediately addressed and solved.

FMCG - Contractor | Logistics Warehousing


In my search for a job, I was quickly placed by Persaga AG at a pharmaceutical company. The position suits me very well and I am very grateful that I was able to get it in such an uncomplicated way. The application process went very well and quickly. Shortly after sending my application documents I already received a phone call from Persaga AG, who kindly introduced me to the position in more detail. When I told them that I was still interested in this job, they immediately sent my documents to the company and arranged an interview for me. After a short time I could start my new job and was supervised by Persaga AG for another three months. In case of problems or questions I could rely on the support of the Persaga AG staff. Today I am a permanent employee in this pharmaceutical company and very happy about it. I can only recommend Persage AG to others.

Pharma Manufacturer - Ttry & Hire | Accountant


Persaga AG helped me to find the job that suits me 100%! I am very grateful for the chance, the good cooperation and the competent, fast service. I can recommend Persaga AG to everyone.

Industry - Contractor | Team Assistant


Als Contractor wurde ich vom Team der Persaga freundlich und sehr gut aufgenommen. Gleiches gilt für die einwandfreie Betreuung und die Lohnzahlungen - die reibungslos funktionieren!

Medtech Company - Contractor | Travel Expense & Payroll


Seit einigen Monaten arbeite ich über die Persaga AG bei einem Energieunternehmen im Kanton Aargau. Die Kontaktaufnahme mit den beratenden Mitarbeitern ist stets freundlich und zuvorkommend. Zudem hat mich die transparente Vermittlung und die Offenheit der Persaga AG sehr beeindruckt. Mittlerweile wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass die Einsatzfirma mich übernehmen wird. Das zeigt, dass meine Person und meine Fähigkeiten in Bezug auf die Besetzung der temporären Stelle vor einigen Monaten sorgfältig geprüft wurde. Ich bin sehr glücklich und zufrieden, dass sich die Persaga AG so für mich einsetzt und kann das Unternehmen bedenkenlos für alle Stellensuchenden weiterempfehlen.

Energy Industry - Contractor | Admin Support Logistics


Persaga - in the right place at the right time. Short-term implementation, reliability, flexibility - an employer who makes every effort and with whom you feel well looked after.

Life Science Company - Contractor | Supply Chain Support


Persaga's service was super friendly and courteous. My questions were always answered promptly and helpfully and you could always get in touch with me if anything was unclear. Thank you very much for the nice support.

Industry - Contractor | Security Mgmt. Support


I am a little overwhelmed by this gift to say the least. Thank you very much for the gift and thank you and the team for your constant support! I really appreciate what you and your team do for us employees and I am grateful to be able to work through Persaga.

Life Science Company - Contractor | Serialization Support


Dedication, reliability & amiability. Those are the words which describe Persaga best. I am very grateful for the opportunity Persaga gave me to discover life sciences and gain experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you for the ongoing support.

Pharma Manufacturer - Contractor | Pharma Marketing